Happy Tuesday

Blog Post created by djmurray_12-31-14 on Nov 13, 2018

Good morning, EXers.  Just checking in to say hi.  Health updates on my sister and me came in yesterday. Marsha had her prognosis confirmed -- she has a year or a little more unless she gets pneumonia or the flu or something like that, in which case she was told she would go downhill very quickly.  I've shed tears thinking about how to protect her when there isn't much to do except keep her away from anyone who could possibly be contagious.  Other than that we talk on the phone at least once a day, and try to laugh as much as possible.

My health news was more hopeful. The CT scan showed no sign of nodules or cancer, but does show worsening of my COPD, so there is that.  Also, I learned from my other doctor that I am at the brink of diabetes -- glucose at 135 and A1C 6.5. If I get to A1C of 7 I'm clearly diabetic.  So I'm on a low carb routine and wearing my fit bit again to get more exercise.  Hopefully when I see my PCP again in three months my numbers will be down and I won't have to have medication. As I am shortly to turn 70, the way I see it is I can move into my 70's relatively healthy if I'm willing to make these changes, or I can choose to keep doing what I'm doing and move (not as far) into my 70's and be miserable with the meds, the side effects and the misery of diabetes on top of my COPD. 

On paper it's an easy choice, right?  Just like just not smoking.  (Remember the video by Bob Newhart  in which his method for quitting smoking was "JUST STOP IT!")  But this community knows so well, that making changes is a challenge.  The good news is I have all the tools I learned here to apply to this new challenge.  So this is day 2 of my new eating/moving plan.  I won't ask you all to wish me luck, because there's no luck to it -- it's good old commitment, determination and acceptance.  Here we go again!!