The Journey Continues

Blog Post created by djmurray_12-31-14 on Jul 9, 2018

I'm still struggling with the fine points on this new site -- The image was supposed to say "Big Journeys Start with Small Steps."  Once again, when I look for wisdom relating to retirement, I always stumble across ideas that relate both to retirement AND quitting smoking!! 

It definitely takes small steps -- sometimes at the beginning of a quit those steps are minute by minute, hour by hour, etc.  My retirement benefits from that advice as well. I spent the 4th of July through yesterday (my daughter's birthday) in Richmond and came back happy, excited and energized and smack into an anxiety attack about how I'm going to afford to live!  Also anxiety about now I'm going to have to change my Medicare set up.  I suspect my Parts A & B won't change, but I am pretty sure I have to find a new supplement and drug coverage.  Ugh.  For some reason, dealing with Medicare gives me immediate brain fog!  But small steps.  My condo is on the market, but there hasn't been a lot of action in these first two weeks.  Nonetheless, I've scheduled my move for August 6, because I realized I didn't want to be in limbo about that very important decision.

I miss you all, and it occurs to me that I won't miss you all so much if I log in here more often.  Right now I'm really tired, and heading off to bed, but I'll come back soon.  Love you all!!