Have Never Done W/O Smoking List

Blog Post created by desiree465 on Jun 27, 2018

I checked one more thing off of my "have never done without smoking" list. Over the weekend me and the husband went to visit family in Virginia. Our 6 hour drive turned into 10 hours due to traffic. I only realized later on that we both went through the whole car ride driving behind left lane vigilantes and other nut jobs, and neither of us thought about smoking. Normally I would have gotten 3 quarters of the way through a pack of cigarettes and then gotten really excited that I could buy cigarettes in VA for much cheaper. It was great spending time with our family on their farm. We got to hang out with their goats, shoot some guns, BBQ on their giant deck, pick raspberry's and spend time with their kids. It was awesome. And we did it without having to constantly step out and ruin our time with smoking.