Stay Quit

Blog Post created by desiree465 on Apr 30, 2018

I now have a new number one reason to stay quit. Last year I applied to dental hygiene school. I was told that the program is competitive and that only 20 out of 300 people make it in every year (who'd have thought). So I have worked my butt off this year getting my prerequisites done and I just found out I made it in! Yay for me! I start my journey to my new career in the fall. That also means I absolutely cannot smoke. It even says it in the student paper work that you cannot come into class or clinical and smell of perfume or smoke. Class is monday through friday 8 to 5 and you have to there whether you have a class or not. I can't imagine being as addicted as I was and having to wait 9 hours to get a fix. So now when I have a weak moment I can remind myself that I DO NOT do that anymore because people don't want a smelly cigarette finger in their mouth.