My Friend

Blog Post created by desiree465 on Apr 7, 2018

Today marks 94 DOF for me. I believe this is the longest I've ever lasted. I can't remember if the one time I quit more then a few weeks lasted an entire 4 months or not. I do remember it being a lot different then this quit though. I remember always thinking about how much time would have to pass before I could be one of those people that could smoke a cigarette and then not pick another one up for weeks. I didn't change my routine, I didn't plan ahead  and I definitely didn't join a support group. There are many things I did wrong but I think these were the main quit killers. 


I was talking with my friend yesterday when she came home from work (I watch her little boy while she's at work on Fridays) and she asks me every week how many days it's been since my last cigarette. She always says she can't believe that I've made it this far (we both LOVED smoking way too much) She always tells me how she wants to quit but doesn't think she's one of those people that can. It makes me sad because we started smoking together when we were 13 and were both in similar situations with our smoking. We both had started to smoke a pack and sometimes more a day over the last year and both of us were starting to notice changes in our health over the last year as well. I told her she's no different than the rest of us addicts. I've told her about this site and what it's done for me and how much I've had to change. I so wish she'd take this journey with me. I feel sad when I think about how she sits outside smoking 2 to 3 cigarettes at a time while her boys are inside playing with out her. I feel even worse that I used to do it with her. And I'm scared that one day one of use will have to watch the other suffer the consequences of what we did to our bodies.  But I know first hand that you can't convince people to make a life change, they gotta want it. I just have to hope that by her hearing and seeing what a great change this has been for me that she may one day follow in my footsteps.