Suggestions Needed

Blog Post created by desiree465 on Mar 24, 2018

Today is 81 days smoke free. I haven't posted anything in awhile because lately things have been kinda easy and I haven't felt the need. I do still come on here and read though.  I meant to post yesterday but I didn't have time. I'm celebrating every 20 day milestone especially now because I've never made it this far. In the beginning I was celebrating every 20 minutes smoke free lol. 

So yes things have been going smoothly, I rarely have a craving. But I'm nervous I have been lured into a false sense of ease because I know the evil addict that lives inside me can rear it's ugly head at any time. So I thought a good way to combat that part of me was to post and let everyone know how I've been doing. I'm also happy to report that the other two people that quit with me are holding strong too. Which is wonderful because they're the two people in the world I love the most (my husband and sister). 

I've noticed I don't think about smoking as much but I do get a little depressed sometimes. I'm not sure if that's because I'm not smoking or if it's because of the rotten weather we've been having over the past week. I am known to get the blues over the winter months. So having spring finally arrive is a good and bad thing. I love the weather but I am nervous because I do a lot of summer activities outdoors and the people I do them with smoke. I've been with my smoking friends over the last few weeks, but I stay inside when they go out and in a few weeks that won't be the case. I'm going to have to come up with ways to avoid being sucked back in by the sick sticks. 

If anyone has any suggestions I'm open to hearing them. I want to get a plan together before the good weather so that I can enjoy the good weather without having a cloud of smoke around me. I'll probably have to cut back on seeing the smoking friends/family for a little while again like I did in the beginning of my quit, but these are people I love so I can't avoid them all summer. 

Hope everyone has a great saturday. I'm getting ready to take my fur baby out for a nice walk because it is beautiful here in jersey today.