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Well generally I'm pretty happy go lucky, good attitude, 53 yrs old, open minded woman. I'm a mother of 4 children, and one 5 yr old grandson. I am married to a wonderful husband, best friend, who adores me. I was diagnosed about 18 mos ago with Celiac Disease; that is a severe alergy to gluten that has damaged my intestines. I am just now finding out all the havoc this has caused to my immune system. I was undiagnosed since childhood probably cause I have a lot of stuff going on. The good news is this can heal with a lifestyle change, and a lot of patience. I've been eating gluten free for over a year, and have recently gone to whole foods as well. I'm not working at this time so I can heal. I'm working with a new  more holistic type doctor now and I seem to finally be getting to the root of things. No more Steriods for me to just cover up symptoms. Lots of supplements and occasional healing reactions. Much better for me! Which brings me to why I quit smoking. I was diagnosed with early signs of lung disease, and I feel it. I was justifing smoking because stress is a really bad thing for my immune system, and every time I tried to quit it caused me stress. Briliant right? Sounds like perfect addict thinking. Well I don't want to be an addict anymore! I want to be healthy and free!  NOPE... I'm not doing it anymore! I have three days now!


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Been smoking off and on for at least 25 yrs. Always quit no prob when pregnant and nursing. Amazing right !



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We live in Olympia Washington



hiking, camping. Actually our idea of camping now  that the kids are grown, is a hotel room with a jetted tub for two!, Love most anything outdoors! Boating, kayaking, Swimming, walking



gardening is prob my best skill, love to grow things