Completely peaceful, normal, even-keeled moods

Blog Post created by daverson828 on Aug 26, 2019

Eighth day of quitting cold turkey. 8:00, over coffee: I wish I were on the porch smoking! 8:30, in the car: it smells great in here, I love this! 10:00, at work: smoke 'em if you got... oh wait! 10:30, with a co-worker: they're proud of me and I'm gonna stick with it! 12:00, on the way to lunch: if I don't like smoking, why does his cigarette smell like the best thing in the world? 1:00, on the way back: no need to roll down the window, this is awesome! 1:30: the next person that walks into my office is getting a &#?*!!#@ stapler thrown at their %!*#@*! face! 


Disclaimer: this is a summary and omits approximately 10,000,000,000 other mood swings experienced thus far today.