The mind is a strange thing

Blog Post created by daverson828 on Aug 20, 2019

Day two of my first honest attempt in probably a decade, cold turkey this time.


Yesterday when I got in my car to go home, I kept telling myself how nice it was to be able to crank the AC and keep the windows up, which it really was. About fifteen minutes down the road it started feeling warm; my window was down three inches and I have absolutely no memory of pushing the button. Then I noticed that I was at a place where I'd normally light a cigarette. Kinda creepy, but I'm choosing to laugh at it.  


This morning the administrator and I went for a run which was great; thank God for her and other supportive coworkers. I've been drinking lots of water and herbal tea and trying to get a little work done, but it feels like every few minutes I'm being tugged on.


Sometimes it's a cheery "right, time to go outside!"

Sometimes it's a logical "you'll want to at [insert point in the future]."

Sometimes it's a nostalgic "remember when you did at [insert point in the past]?"

Sometimes it's an insidious "you could always because [insert rationalization]."

And sometimes its simply "CIGARETTES EXIST!!!!"


I know what these are. I acknowledge each one, and let it go. But between you and me, I can't wait for this to be over.