1st free x-mas in 38 years

Blog Post created by darnPainter on Dec 13, 2017

My Mom, that I referred to in a status up-date a few days ago has come out of the hospital. But her breathing has been severely compromised by pneumonia that will require daily oxygen now. She has COPD which I'm sure is worse now. We also learned she has pancreatic cancer. All are a direct result of 50 yrs of smoking. It is now my turn to be her caregiver as my sisters have all taken their turn. So on Monday Dec.18th, I'm flying to FL from NM  to be with her for 2 weeks through X-mas. I will not take even one puff while I'm there as I need to be present and there for her.  We both ran from each other into a perpetual smoke screen our entire lives and It's going to be an interesting journey to say the least.


 I have a open desire to be honest about this addiction with her from my own experience so far, but I'm not holding onto any unreal expectations as she may not see it from where I stand or be receptive. She has stuffed her feelings much longer than I have.


I have spent much time in my head projecting predetermined outcomes that may, or may not, happen about this visit. I'm scared but have faith all will be ok.