staying aware in the present and watching

Blog Post created by darnPainter on Nov 19, 2017

 I see The addict in me trying to pull my attention from the Now with memory cravings. 


When I get in the car...      I watch 

after I clean the bathroom...      I watch

break time at work...          I watch

talking on the Phone...            I watch

exiting the grocery store...     I watch

When I see someone smoking...   I watch

There will be more memory cravings along the way on this journey,  and I will...  WATCH


And say "there it is" When I watch with out judgement cravings lose their power. They are just thoughts. Nothing more.

I pray to have the compulsion to smoke removed

Then I tell myself I'm not losing anything 

This has been my practice along the way so far. I know I have a long way to go. Yet I committed to go to any length for victory. Today I will honor that commitment on the 4th day of this exciting journey.


John      PS> I forgot to mention I do a lot of deep breathing as well. And a sit in silence once a day