Day 1

Blog Post created by darnPainter on Nov 16, 2017

I have just about completed day 1 and it is suggested that I share about it to help another quitter who's starting their journey. I've heard... we give it away to keep it - I can get with that=-) 

The morning was rough, bottom line. I kept witness to my thoughts as best I could. When I was unconscious of them, the craving was strongest. I practiced a ton of deep breathing every time I got into the car. I checked in at this site a few times to reenforce my commitment. When a crave came into my thoughts,  I told myself the most important truth of all... NO- I'm not losing anything!! It helped to drink lots of water that made me pee a lot, but hey, it's helping to flush toxins, right? It also snacked on sunflower seeds which seemed to help. I'm willing, to be willing to try anything. 


Thx everyone for supporting me, John