Facebook Hell and 24-hr Kitchen

Blog Post created by daniellea on Jul 13, 2018

OK, just letting y'all know.  I'm EVIL today!  I realize that I shouldn't be opening up Facebook and reading about politics in these early days.  This is a TOOL!  No facebook unless it's looking at cute kitties and things that make me feel positive.  I'm also pissed at myself cause I went nuts with the food last night.  Mostly healthy things - fruit, rice cakes, gummy bears (not that healthy), grape nuts...but I kept going back for more.  I don't want to do this because I'm trying to let go of excess weight.  But it's not worth smoking.  I still love to eat and snack late at night when I smoke.  The smoking doesn't make or break the noshing and bingeing.  It's day 3 and I know it will balance out.  I also know that I'll have more time, energy, breath to spare and I'll ultimately meet my goal of joining a gym at the end of the summer.  That is the goal, folks!


I'm shaking a bad cold so I'm back in bed where it's safe.  A/C on and computer on lap.  I can stay connected with the othere Ex'ers and get some work done.  No Facebook till tonight.  LOL.  Thanks for witnessing and getting it.