First Posting

Blog Post created by damned on Sep 25, 2018

Hello everyone. New here and not sure how often I will get around to post here with a lack of free time to actually sit unless it is early morning. But I wanted to say I stumbled across this site while browsing the self help pages about quitting. The tips on how to set start date, what to do as it came up, and other readings have been helpful. to say the least. This is a second serious attempt to quit that I've done. First time I managed to six months. Let's hope this time it is a forever freedom.
I've opted to use the patch to help during the first leg of the journey. I also got some sugar free hard candies that I have used during the real intense cravings. I move around a lot during the day while I am taking care of a toddler, I wish I had half of his energy.