Become An Ex - First week in program and a happy man!

Blog Post created by daleboston on Dec 12, 2009

I had a goal to quit by the end of the year.  Found this program and knew it was time to get started. My goals for the week were to educate myself on this program, get as much information on quitting smoking as possible and put together a plan.


 This site has been very helpful. The ones that are doing well and others that are not doing as well have been inspirational/motivating. Thanks for sharing.


My quit date is scheduled for Dec. 31st, however on Wednesday, I stopped at  QT and immediately thought of “Triggers” and decided not to buy any cigs.  As of today,  I have l not bought/smoked  any.  As I move forward, I hope to: not let my guard down, not talk about it to friends or relatives.


(more doing  and  less talking), and will continue to make progress! 




This program has been extremely helpful and I wish everyone much success!!