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Hello. My name is Chuck.


  I'm 48, married and have one daughter who is attending college.


  I smoked for 32 years and tried to quit several times but always failed. Fifteen years ago, I was able to quit cold turkey for 6 weeks. At the time, I thought I had "the habit" under control and smoked a pack just for fun.




  I did not know it at the time, but I broke the law. The "Law of Addiction" (stated below from whyquit.com)


  The law of physiological addiction states that administration of a drug to an addict will cause reestablishment of the dependence on that substance.


  I had completely blown my quit and continued to smoke.


  Fifteen years later, during a physical exam, the doctor told me that I did NOT have emphysema. He also told me "we have put people on the oxygen bottle as young as 50". After 32 years of smoking, I figured it was finally time to stop making excuses and stop before it permanently ruined my health.


  I found a great website (www.whyquit.com) that had A LOT of information about nicotine addiction. I had always failed to "quit smokin" so this time I tackled the problem from a nicotine addiction perspective.




  I quit cold turkey on 9-8-2008 after spending about a week reading the materials on www.whyquit.com and have thus far never looked back. I am convinced that EDUCATION regarding the nature of this addiction so that we can UNDERSTAND what we are up against and SUPPORT are the keys to making this work.



Chuck's Stuff...

My wife Ann and I with our daughter Katherine.

Giving blood is an easy way to help save lives. It only takes a few minutes and it doesn't hurt. I strongly encourage you to do so if you can.

My Quit Meter!!!

I highly recommend the site below for information regarding nicotine addiction and how to quit smoking.

WhyQuit.com - a free online quit smoking forum offering motivation, education, skills development, counseling and serious group support


Here are some good books which discuss nicotine addiction:


Never Take Another Puff by Joel Spitzer
This one was my "holy bible" of quitting for the first month or so. I've read it many times and highly recommend it.


Freedom from Nicotine The Journey Home by John R. Polito
Another outstanding read from the people at whyquit.com. Lots of information with lots of references to back it up.


The Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
Another great book. I didn't read this until I was several months into my quit. I do like the book and a lot of people swear by it.


SCANDAL by Allen Carr
Another interesting read by Allen Carr written before he died.




Other interesting sites:


Warning: The picture on the homepage of this site is pretty gross.


Joe Chemo
Nice. I love this marketing...

Lots of anti Big Tobacco stuff on this site.


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The "Marlboro Man"

and after...

Wayne McLaren was one of the "Marlboro Cowboys" and died of lung cancer at 51 years of age.



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