The Surprise Hit from Nowhere

Blog Post created by cselberg on Apr 17, 2018

Sometimes it comes from nowhere. BAM, OH MY GOD I WANT A CIGARETTE!!! Hold on, hold on a minute, wait a minute, take a couple of deep breathes, step back and think about it. Do you? Do you really want one? Or is it just a handful of those nicotine receptors that you created when you started smoking dying off. They're dying off but putting out that one last grasp at life in your head. You see, they too don't want to die. They don't want to leave you so they holler out to you from nowhere to save them and bring them back to life. Don't be fooled by them little bas*ards. They don't deserve a second chance. They don't deserve to live in your head while draining the life from your body. It us or them!

It's a battle to the end and you must prevail. You must. 


So take a deep breathe. A deep, clean breathe of air. Close your eyes and feel the oxygen powering your lungs. See it in your minds eye. Watch the clean air enter the passageways of your lungs, follow the path the oxygen makes to your brain through your blood stream. Sometimes I put my fingers to my lips just like I did when I smoked and I press my two fingers tightly against my lips and draw in a puff just like I did when I smoked and I can feel that sensation that I got from smoking. You know it, that draw and inhale, I could not find that in a replacement. No matter what I tried, it wasn't the same and then I just tried it without the cigarette. The movement, the draw with some resistance from the filter, the inhale (this you have to fake), I do it the same as I did with smoke, a sudden "woof" inhale, but pure air instead. I smoke pure air. My husband said "Don't do that, it'll just make you want the real thing" I said but that's just it, I don't! I don't want the real thing, I don't WANT to smoke anymore but sometimes, just sometimes out of nowhere, that attack comes and I need to do something, so I smoke. I smoke pure air. And it helps.