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Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori Champion on Sep 3, 2016

In order to make this site work for you, you must follow the suggested guidelines. I can't tell you how many times people come to this site looking for an easy way. They think they can just give up cigarettes with no knowledge whatsoever about nicotine, how this affects you. They scramble, don't do their homework, don't follow the steps, then just simply lose their way and give up. I can guarantee you if you are willing to do your homework before you quit, commit to it, follow these simple steps, stick to it no matter what, you will suceed !!!!!


No. 1, click on My Quit Plan, click on How to Quit Smoking. Watch the videos. If you feel you don't have the patience or just feel they are not giving you any benefit, then just click on each heading and read the short articles.


No. 2, identify your triggers, think about what are you doing when you smoke. Are you a stress smoker? A caffeine junkie? Drive time? The list goes on. This is used later in No. 3.

No. 3, track those cigarettes every single day for a week. At the end of a week's time, you will see what times you smoke the most and what you are doing and feeling. But also it allows you the time to consciously think about when you're smoking. A lot of us smoke without even thinking about when and why. For myself, I just grabbed that pack every morning and it was off to the races.


No. 4, the most important part of the whole guideline is to figure out for yourself what you can do to beat those triggers that make you think about lighting up. What will you do instead of smoking? I'm telling ya right here and right now, there is no magic wand to wave and you'll finally be smoke free. There is no magic pill to take that will make you quit smoking. You are the one that started this and now it's going to be you to make it stop. You have to figure out what you can do to replace that cigarette. For some it's drinking coffee with the other hand. Others it's switching to tea. Your quit is your own customized program. That's what beating those triggers is all about. You'll still be smoking at this point, but you are building that toolbox or go-to help desk to help you along the way in life without smoking.


No. 5, learn about nicotine and how it works in your system and how it affects your brain. Learn why it is so hard to quit smoking and why. Read up on NRTs, cold turkey, medications that assist. If you have to, keep trying different ways until you find one that works for you. This is an individual process. Everyone is different. Everyone reacts differently. Some like cold turkey. Some do the nicotine patch/gum/lozenge/inhaler. Personally I would highly not recommend the e-cig. You are not correcting the motion that got you to smoking full-time in the first place. We're creatures of habit. You need to break that hand to mouth motion.


No. 6, when you have finally completed all the above steps, then reach out for support. By that time your quit date has arrived. If you feel apprehensive about setting a quit date, then don't. In my case, I didn't. I just knew it was finally my time to finally give it up and I did. Be sure to tell your family, friends, your local gas station or store where you buy your cigarettes at, let everybody know you've quit smoking. You might have some doubting Thomases out there that think you're just saying it like you've said it many times before. But I'll tell you something right now, as they see you are serious, you are sticking with it and you are committed, they will help you in any way possible. Keep yourself busy for the next 30 days.  Here's a list of things to do instead of smoking.   You can always add your own. 


Medical opinions will not be found here. Psychology/psychiatry opinons will not be found here. You see, we are all just regular old people who have all smoked. Some have smoked longer than others. We come from all different walks of life. We're here just to offer our experiences and what we've gone through.  There are blogs that you can create where you can ask for help for something you're feeling and are just not sure if it's part of quitting or you want to help others with their quit and support them and cheer them on. Reading older blogs of members that have been here for a very long time can be very eyeopening. Some you can go back as far as 2008. I found most of my courage and strength to carry on by reading those. I could see that they went through what I am going through. Trust me, when you blog for the very first time, you'll be amazed how many people respond. There will be some people who you click with and others you don't. Having a smoke buddy helps for some.  Another great resource:


No. 8, confirm your commitment to staying quit by visting Celebrations & Events and posting on the daily pledge.  Here you join with other members to pledge not to smoke for that day. Visit every day to remind yourself and keep yourself accountable. There is also the Freedom Train that runs every day to celebrate members' milestones, 50 days, 100 days and so on. We are all here to encourage one another and stay quit.


Just remember TOGETHER WE CAN BEAT THIS !!!!