OMG Last Night...!!!

Blog Post created by cport89 on Oct 5, 2013

Good morning every one, let me tell you guys that last nigh it was awful for me, felt it all, but having a cigarette was not an option.


Yesterday during the day I was so happy, as you notice on my last post I was so excited, but then when I was ready to go to bed it turned different. I've been following the instructions and advices about this process (Which have helped me a lot), last night it was weird, as I mention smoking was not and its not going to be one neither, but it wasn't about craves at all, I was not able to sleep and a lot of negatives thoughts were coming up.


It was like when you feel guilty with yourself, but you don't even know the why. I'm sure there is not a why, because I know quitting is the best decision I ever took. Thanks God and your advices guys I passed through that and I didn't smoke last night.


I would love to know what do you think about that, so I can be ready if that feeling comes again.


PD: (Having someone that understand this process and who I can talk about this directly is still missing)


Thanks once again for your support.




Cristopher Portorreal.


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