I Faltered

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Aug 14, 2017

I faltered and I don't know if I want to get back on that horse. On Saturday when I got the mail I received my determination letter for my disability. It was not a favorable letter for me and being depressed and overwhelmed right now; I do not know where my head is at! I was denied the only thing that was going to keep me alive when I moved away from where I am at and now that is not there.  

STRESS is a big time factor in whether or not a person is ready to quit or not and i can say that when I am actually ready to quit and I can make it past NML with no stress then I will come back and I know I will make it and be successful! However, right now that is not going to happen even if it is 2 cigarettes a day I am still smoking and that is not quitting, most of the time I am back on my no nicotine vap but the last two days i have to admit I have smoked 2 cigarettes.