Replacing the Vap

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Aug 11, 2017

Well I have found my replacement for all cigarette derived items and it is not a healthy one but it is the only one that I can eat without teeth.  

See the dentist's refuse to fix my teeth right so I can wear my teeth all the time and they not hurt or I would. As it stands I am limited to what I can eat. What is it that I have found that has replaced everything RED LICORICE or Twizzlers as they call them now. It lasts just long enough for the craving to end and it gives my hands and mouth something to do by how long it takes me to chew it up.

Now to vent a bit; I had a disturbing situation happen last night. The guy friend I live with is listening to my phone calls now that he knows that as soon as I do get disability I am going to be moving out. I never intentionally listen to his calls, unless he is loud enough that he wants me to hear and for that matter the whole world to hear and then I just ask if he is ok. I don't pry, and he will volunteer what is going on with him. I don't assume I know what the conversation was about because that would be just bad tact so why does he think he can do it to me? Especially since we were together for four years this time and 15 years total off and on. I am moving out to live on my own for awhile and to live entirely alone.