No More Vap

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Aug 9, 2017

Yesterday was my first day without my vap. I went all day without it and I never once had a craving or the need for it; although the morning time was a bit rough as I am finding out the same thing with this morning as well. I am not missing the vap or the hand to mouth thing, it is the actual cigarette that I am still missing but that is to be expected.

I may have given up the vap to soon but I always have it to fall back on instead of cigarettes now; which is not so bad since I have nothing with high nicotine in it. However, I am not aiming to fail I am aiming to beat this addiction and move forwards, heck my oldest son is even joining me on this freedom train ride and has quit smoking cold turkey. I am making an impact on my children's lives and I am seeing that now where I haven't seen it in the past. I love my children so much and am proud of each and every one of them in their own right.

I am having urges right now for my vap but nothing that I can't handle this is the easy part, although the taste in my mouth like I just used my vap is unsettling a bit. I must have been dreaming about it but since I don't remember my dreams I can't be held accountable; lol. TTFN = Ta Ta For Now