New Parts To Life

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Aug 8, 2017

So the last time I went to the Dr's he told me that my blood work came back normal and that there was no more need to see him on a regular basis he would see me in a year. A year! He was not concerned with the fact that I said I was trying to quit smoking and did not offer any help in that area; however, the most concerning thing is he never once hit on any of my concerns with my body that is going on before saying status quo. I have switched Dr's for the second time this year and pray that this one will concentrate on what is wrong with me and not on blood work since that has all been done for them. 

Other news is that I have gone without my vap since about 7pm yesterday afternoon so, today marks day 21 without a cigarette and day 1 without vap.