Weaning off the Vap

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Jul 30, 2017

Now that I have started to use the non-nicotine in my Vap I see no need for the vap. Therefore, this morning I am starting the weaning process off the vap at 12 days into the quit. I am no longer using the patch either and the only thing that I will be still using is the Wellbutrin sr. 200mg twice daily, for 3 months. This is at my rate, at what I feel I am ready for and not what anyone else has told me to do; however, I feel it necessary to talk about what I am doing just in case I should be doing it differently.  

The cravings right now for the vap are bad but I am giving me 20 more minutes before I can have some and then I am hoping the craving will be gone so I don't need it but this is going to be really hard but I think if I time my needing it and wean myself off the vap I can do this. any better ideas are welcome?