Making it Another Day

Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Jul 25, 2017

Keep counting the DAYS OF FREEDOM as you may pass the mark of past trials and eres. The days will add up and the time will fly by and the next thing you know you have a week in, a month in, 6 months in, a year in, and it just keeps going and going until you lose count. it seems like just yesterday that I put down my last cigarette and I have to keep counting the days I have marked off on my calendar, I have made it past my last relapse point and with an anger trigger in the midst of it. let me explain something about my smoking habit; I was not the easy smoker; I was the roll your own smoker, with the pipe tobacco that smoked up to two packs a day for four years. And before that, it was a pack a day every day for a very long time except while I was in school; in school, I was a 2 pack a day smoker.

The point to all this is that for every one second, one minute, one hour, that I make it through is a major deal to me because I have been going this way for over 30 plus year of my smoking career and yes I call it a career because it is the only thing I can say I can retire from without pension; no really it's the only thing in my life that I never gave up on no matter what I had to do to get it.

For the first time in my life I am walking away from cigarettes and working on my 7th DOF with the Nicodemond nipping at my heels today and I can honestly say I WILL NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER!