Blog Post created by coreinstincts_101 on Jul 25, 2017

I started a public blog a few days before I started this quit; the reason why I started this blog is that when I was doing my research on the quit, I never found personal information on how and what a person went through. Oh, I found professional video's and texts and groups all day long and this wonderful place here, but there were no personal accounts of what a person goes through out there for another person to completely understand what a quit actually is or looks like for an individual. And before you say it; yes I know (EVERYONE's QUIT IS DIFFERENT), and I say so before anyone enters my blog site. I have a contact me page and then I have a forums page where people can interact and answer questions; share their quits, or ask more questions if they want to know more information. You guys here have created a nice site but people have to join before they find out the information you have to offer. and I promote this site on my blog and will from now on. However, if anyone is interested to see into my mind on a daily basis besides what I post here the site is;