10months of freedom!!!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on May 29, 2020

9,169 cigarettes not smoked. $1500.00 saved!!! I never in my life believed I would see this day. Initially it was hard not to smoke but between 4 & 5 months I stopped thinking about it and consequently, stopped coming here. 


I wish I could say I quit smoking and my health miraculously improved. I sometimes wonder if I waited to long. I have a2nd growth in my lung the exact spot as the one they removed 2 yrs. who which was benign. They can't biopsy because it's right on my aorta. They can't do the wedge surgery because of the severity of my copd. So on 6/8 I'm going to Duke, and I'm very grateful to have that opportunity. The problem with it even if it's benign is it's growing.



So in March I had a bad case of pneumonia, I no sooner got over that, and I was hospitalized with respiratory failure from bronchitis, and last week I was diagnosed with pneumonia again. I am using oxygen full time except when I'm up but sitting still.


I am not saying any of this for pity. I am telling you this so you will no what might be your future if you keep smoking. I am 61. I have grandbabies and 1 due in Nov.  I probably tried to quit 10 times before, with the help of EX, I finally succeeded. Don't be like me where you'll have to wonder if you waited to long.