My NML Adventures

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Nov 24, 2019

I do not know, when people that quit smoking without an educational, supportive site such as EX, if they're even aware of NML. I can say that without the preparation, knowledge and support I have here, I doubt if I would have made it.


I can't quit explain it, but I got through the 1st 7 weeks of this quit by keeping my hands and mind completely (busy) That nagging nicodemon was back there, but I was able to stay "detached" from it. I have no idea how to explain to someone how I did it. I had huge, very rough cravings throughout the day-I was a heavy smoker for 48 yrs-and that BIG YOU CAN HAVE JUST ONE beat down on me constantly, but I ran the tape all the way through. How that cigarette would feel on my lips and the inhale hitting my lung and then, for me, the immediate chest tightness and shortness of breath and I said NOPE not today and then to the back burner of my brain it went.


I had no idea how NML would work for me since I was using the patch. After a coupld of months, I cut down to 14mg and after a couple of weeks of that, I cut down to 7 weeks. Did that for about a week, and then stopped all nicotine and went through some of the digestion issues probably not as bad though. Well I have spent the past couple of weeks wanting a cigarette with every trigger that I thought I had overcome. After meals, driving, being on the phone and that reward cigarette for completing a task. These urges were strong and left me with that whole in my chest that I have from nicotine withdrawal, but there's been no nicotine. It's all in my head. Well I promised myself 4 months like Dale suggested, but I have been more scared of relapse over the past couple of weeks than any other time during this quit. One major thing that has kept me going is my husband quit a couple of weeks ago and I was not going to be the reason he started. But also, The one thing every single one of you have been consistent about is "it gets better" And it is. This is the 1st morning I have not had a strong urge in a few weeks. In face I feel totally detached from smoking which is how I like it. And I'm at 118 DOF!!


Today is a great day to be a nonsmoker, and it's thanks to you!! God bless all of you and keep you safe!