Good Morning Friends

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Nov 12, 2019

Well, NML has not been kind to me the past couple of weeks. That's also when I stopped using the 7mg patch. It's mostly the return of the triggers. After a meal, getting in the car, answering the phone, finishing a task, I have this strong "thought" which turns into an urge for a cigarette. I'm not worried about smoking, it's just getting old and boring to keep dealing with it. I'm at 106 DOF so I have a few weeks left of NML, but I thought I should come here and vent and get my peeps to assure me it's all going to be ok.


My husband finally quit. He has 10 DOF and it seems to be going much easier for him than I would have expected. Of course, I prayed for him continuously. He is also dieting as he is very obese. He's lost 7# and is dealing with his sleep apnea much better. He quit smoking pot and only drinks a couple of beers after work. All of this is certainly helping both of our health as well as our marriage. Saving quite a bit of money as well.


Newbie's, don't allow yourselves to keep smoking by telling yourself you still have time. That's just 1 of this addictions lies. People are getting both lung cancer and copd at earlier ages. Plus it slowly ruins the quality of your life, and 1 day you just wake up and can't do the things you used to do. The best time to quit is right now, and the only reason not to quit is an excuse!


God Bless this EX family!