An AHA moment

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 29, 2019

Which might seem so simple to you. I have had a tougher time getting off the 7mg patch than I did stepping down from 21mg and 14 mg. Of course I'm also in NML. In my previous attempts to quit, when I relapsed, it was because the cravings were so harsh, and all my mind would think of, in BIG HUGE RED LETTERS, was SMOKE. Well I haven't had a cigarette in 3 months today, and what I'm realizing is I need nicotine which is just 1 of a thousand additives in tobacco. What a relief to know that all I have to do is put a 4 or 2mg nicotine lozenge in my mouth and it will calm the crave down. I took 1 yesterday and, if I feel Like I need to, I will take 1 today. A lozenge is so much better than a cigarette because all that's in it is nicotine. How many quits I ruined because my brain said "I need a cigarette" instead of I need nicotine.