90 DOF!!!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 27, 2019

That truly amazed me! Growing up with the attitude that, once you start smoking, you can never quit! That was a hard "nut to crack". Once something is firmly implanted from childhood, it's hard to "undo" that. But finally I was able too. It took many "failed" attempts, reading hundreds of blogs from  people just like me who had successfully quit. We have a concept in AA called "terminal uniqueness" that addicts have to squash before we can break the addiction.


2,709 cigarettes not smoked! $390.00 saved!


I have not had a difficult time (so far) in NML or stepping down from patches. The 1st 7 weeks were hard for me. But with God's strength and the help from all of you, I persevered. Then a few difficult (moderately) days as I stepped down with patches. Now I am off the patches as of yesterday so I expect I might have a day or two that aren't pleasant this week. And whatever NML wants to throw my way, if anything, then on to triple digits.


To the newcomer: I am 61, I had smoked for 48 yrs. 30-40 cigarettes/day, I have been through a massive amount of stress, I have bipolar depression/anxiety and have not been on medication for 5 months for reasons I won't go into here. There is no excuse to keep smoking. I am thoroughly convinced if I can do this, anyone can quit. SMOKING HELPS NOTHING!!! SMOKING KILLS AND SEVERELY IMPACTS THE QUALITY OF LIFE!!!