Hey Everybody!!!

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 22, 2019

I'm still here and 85 DOF!!! I'm just way too busy, and I guess that's a good thing, but I haven't been able to get on here as often as I'd like. Don't get me wrong-I come here everyday and take the pledge and read as many blogs as I can, but I'm usually in a rush. I thought I would have so much EXtra time when I quit but other things are taking it's place.


I have horrible, chronic insomnia and sometimes I'm just too exhausted to blog. Also, most weekdays, I'm getting up at 3:30 to take Scott to Charlotte to work so I can have the car. Also,he hasn't got his cpap yet, so most times he needs me to drive him because he isn't safe. But if I haven't slept, then I'm not safe either. I've taken trazodone for many yrs for sleep, but I'm at the max. dose ant I think I've built up a tolerance too it. So I'm working with my Dr. for her to prescribe something else.


Finances are getting more and more difficult. Cars back in the transmission shop but is still under warranty but we're having to rent a car again, and the money I'm spending on that is the money I was going to use toward Scott's cpap. Scott's job is still taking $250.00 out of his checkes til we pay back the money they lent us for the original transmission overhaul. Thank God for my faith that he will make good out of bad. One thing for sure, we will get a 2nd used, cheap car so we won't have to rent cars in the future. But I do refuse to have a car payment.


So now for my quit journey. I am now on the 3rd step down patch-7 mg. Stepping down to the 14 mg patch in the past has always caused me to relapse. This time, I've only had 1 day that was a little difficult when I've stepped down. In fact just a few harsh cravings that I'm not even sure was from stepping down or NML. Anyway, next Sun. I will remove the patch for the last time, and I'm ecstatic about that!


I pray that God releases blessings for each and everyone of you and that all of you continue to stay smoke-free!