Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 13, 2019

My husband is finally getting help with his sleep apnea. It's been horrible watching him go through this. He has broken down a few times. Most times, he wakes up every few seconds to couple of minutes. There's those few occassions when he'll stay asleep for 20 minutes. Everyone wants to minimize this, but sleep deprivation like this is used as a torture technique on POW's. I've been getting up at 3:30 to take him to Charlotte to work and then pick him up at 1. 2 hours in the car each day. I can't believe how long he has had to wait for help, and the only reason he got in this soon is because I called the sleep clinic bawling my eyes out and told them, even with my nursing history, I have never seen anything so inhumane in my life. He falls asleep at work and he's fallen down. I'm so frustrated at this administration not doing anything and refusing to vote on bills to help people with healthcare.


Anyway, I fell apart a couple of weeks ago and told him I was moving to my son's in Tennessee. I was so sick of being so heartbroken over watching him suffer and struggle to breath while he was steady drinking, smoking pot and cigarettes. He's quit drinking and pot and smoking very minimally (5/day) but saying daily he hast to quit. I believe he will. It's like without the beer and pot in his system, he's realizing how sick he is with copd. So of course, I'm not leaving him. I really do love him! Once I realized he was spending over $400.00/mo on beer, pot and cigs, yet we can't afford his health insurance, and frankly, I'm sick of facing everything alone and keeping everything together while he's having a good old time getting high and not facing anything.


So it's working out for now. I hope we have his cpap by the end of the week. Please join me in prayer that he will be able to tolerate it. Many can't.