Getting Better

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Aug 2, 2019

Aw, but you guys knew it would. The cravings are less intense and I have frequent periods of feeling absolutely fine. The 1st 2 & 1/2 days I would have rated a 10 in intensity. Now I would say between a 4 & 5 with occasional increases. I'm thinking it's mostly psychological though as I'm using the patch and lozenges. I limit the lozenges to about 6/day as I do want to deal with cravings to get past them. Does anyone know if psychological cravings can manifest as physical sensations? My cravings are feelings of having a hole in my chest and fuzzy headedness.


I thought I would have the most problems while driving. I smoked in my car but not in my house. This week as I've been helping my friend, I've been driving her around in her car. She doesn't smoke so in all these yrs., I have never smoked in her car. Now I'm driving my car and not even thinking of smoking.


I am having some sleep problems. Waking up several times with some difficulty falling back to sleep. The good news is though, I am sleeping.


I use to eat junk food at night and I was about 20# overweight. I quit doing that over the winter and lost 16# Now I'm allowing myself something after dinner as a reward for not smoking all day so I might gain some weight back but that's ok. It's a lot easier giving up junk food than it is


I still go to the gym. I'm not able to do a heavy duty workout because of copd but I spend about an hour there walking on the treadmill and the weight machines. I always feel better, and I'm hoping I'll be able to do more now that I'm an EX.


All in all, life is good!


God bless,