feeling humble

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jul 30, 2019

I've been spending my days with a friend who had back surgery last week. It's been helpful as she quit smoking some yrs. ago so it's comforting to be with someone that knows what I'm going through early in my quit even though I don't talk about it. I work at not even thinking about these withdrawal symptoms as much as I can. Her house, like mine, is very quiet and peaceful.


I'm not going to lie and say this isn't tough because it is. But I'm trying to keep it in perspective. This will be tough for about a week (the worst of it anyway). I am 61. I am at that age where a month goes by and it feels like a week lol. I know, in 5 days, I will look back on this week and it will seem like a blur.


The discomfort is pretty constant for me but again, perspective. It's not pain. How often in my life have I been uncomfortable or even in pain. To many times to count. And I survived all of them! And I have been so uncomfortable for the past 2 months from smoking with shortness of breath, constant chest tightness where I couldn't take a deep breath and the bronchial irritation from inflammation. My breathing is already better and, without the constant irritation from smoking, I can already take a deep breath. So the choice of which discomfort to deal with is an easy one. The withdrawal symptoms will go away. The symptoms from smoking will only get worse.


I got on here this morning before going over to my friends and when I read all of your comments to my blog, my eyes welled up with tears. I forgot how much like a family we really are here! The gratitude I have for this site and all of you well, there just aren't words for me to adequately express but I know that all you quitters know exactly what I feel.


God bless,