Day 12

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 15, 2018

Mentally today went really well. I did not feel tortured for 6 hours this morning. In fact, I went for fairly long periods without even thinking about smoking. When a thought did pop in my head, it was pretty easy to dismiss and move on to something else.


Physically it's a different story. The horrible gas is relieved fairly well with otc meds. After I eat breakfast, which is a light meal, I am so full, as if I ate a 5 course meal, all the way to dinner. I am not able to eat lunch. Then, after dinner, it's the same way and I am just miserable. I'm probably the only EX in the world whose appetite is almost nonexistent.

I'm seeing my Dr. on mon. for something unrelated and I'm really hoping she has some suggestions.


Other than that though, I'm really pleased with where I'm at in my quit. I am so grateful for this site and all of you for getting me here. I know there will still be rough spots but I feel more confident that I will be able to get through them. 3 times I have relapsed during NML while using the patch but I'm really hoping chantix will be of more help to me. It's more about the brain and dopamine while patches are more about the physical addiction.


Hope everyone is having a great, smoke-free day!!!