Double Digits

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 13, 2018

My 1st milestone and it feels important. Maybe because I know the worst of it is over. It's funny, Every minute of the last 10 days, no, not every minute but a good deal of them, felt like an hour but now, looking back, it seems like a blur.


I still struggle the 1st half of the day but then, late afternoon until bedtime is fine. Thank God!!! This would not be doable if not for the relief periods. It's so nice to come here and read blogs. Especially from other newbies knowing we're all in this together, that it's hard for all of us but we're making it! I don't blog until I'm not craving though because man, I have been in such a fog. There have been times when I didn't leave the house because I didn't feel it was safe to drive.


I know I've saved a lot of money already but not feeling it yet. I think because of that week I paid of chantix and then still smoked. I know, even with the chantix, I'll save at least $100.00/mo. That makes this tight wad very happy.


Thanks everyone for helping me break this addiction and making my day a little brighter!