Another day won

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Jun 12, 2018

Tomorrow starts double digits! Each day is getting easier as you all promise. I'm having digestive issues either from quitting or chantix. I'm going to try some OTC med and see if it helps. It's keeping me pretty uncomfortable.


I'm still irritable and impatient. But I also feel joy at the freedom and money saved. We don't make much financially and I am swamped with med/prescription bills so it's nice to not have to worry about money for cigs. I'm breathing much better-only use my inhaler before I go to the gym. And except for the occasional throat clearing, I barely have a cough. I was in terrible shape just a short week ago. For this I am truly grateful!


I hope I never forget how bad my copd was acting up when I still smoked or how hard this past week was. That's what I worry about. With the passage of time, I tend to minimize bad consequences. Hopefully, you guys won't let me forget.