Motivation to quit

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Apr 6, 2018

Well I didn't quit after my surgery as I was only in the hospital for 2 day-right at the peak of craving and, of course, my husband smoked on the way home so I did too. Then 2 weeks stuck at home so I smoked even more than usual.


I have a new quit date of 4/16 and I have been having trouble with motivation-which is why I've waited so long to attempt this again. Coming here and reading blogs helps a lot. So good to see my old friends and all the newbies doing so well.


Since this lung surgery, my breathing has not come back to my normal (I had a wedge of lung removed so it might not come back to my normal especially as long as I smoke) and that's motivation as well. The nodule turned out to be a cyst so I feel truly blessed about that.


One thing I'm doing different is I joined Planet Fitness. That also motivates me as I'm anxious to see how much better I will do after I quit smoking. On days I don't go, I walk at home and do other exercises as well. I know the time is now. My son in NY is getting married in Sept. so I'm planning another trip and I will also see my granddaughter who will be a yr. old in Sept. How wonderful it will be to make that trip as a nonsmoker.


I hope all of you are doing well. I'm wondering how Thomas is doing?