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I haven't learned what is causing this. This order is from my lung Dr. and when I asked she said she had no idea. I'm thinking that will come from my primary Dr. The infusion I had was ivig but will not know if it was beneficial until after labs are drawn on Mon. The only thing I am aware of is we need protein for our immune system and I think I've been lacking for a long time. I have never been a big meat eater and now most meats have become difficult to chew due to major dental problems which I can't afford to fix.


Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my last blog. Especially Thomas for changing my perception. This is my forever quit. I've got through a tough time without reaching for a cigarette and that has built my confidence. I also have to realize that I have dropped down to the 14 mg patch. I am doing better now (craves) than I have in several days.


And the best part? We are having beautiful weather in NC! That's a great attitude adjuster.




Who know that venting could save a life? My past relapses with alcohol and cigarettes were always about not having adequate coping mechanisms and when things would get tough, I would smoke (and drink). But I've never reached out when things did get tough-not even to my husband. He doesn't deal well with mental or physical issues when it comes to me. I learned very young not to bare your troubles. Well this time I did. Not only here but to my husband and anyone else willing to listen.I call what I went through last week my mini nervous breakdown. But guess what? I didn't smoke or drink. I read all of your comments and they got me through! I went for my antibody infusion and I'm feeling a little stronger but I won't know for sure how much it helped until after I have labs drawn on Mon.


What I'm not so thrilled about? NML.These chest feelings like I need nicotine because it really is my oxygen just won't go away. It's been 2 weeks now and until 2 more weeks is a very vulnerable time for me because I usually relapse between 6 and 8 weeks. I'v bound determined not to this time because I'm telling myself over and over to not stop just short of the miracle.


I'm hoping this blog makes sense because I got up at 4:30 and I'm tired!!!


Wishing you all a happy smoke-free day. Also hoping for good outcomes to all our Texas friends and family!