Made it through

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Mar 28, 2017

My son and his friend just left to spend a little time in the Outer Banks before leaving for NY on Thurs. We use to live there so I don't blame him. I just wish I had planned better so I could have gone too!


I'll admit it was a hard 4 days as far as smoking goes. These young adults are in their 20's and not even thinking of quitting smoking even though she has lupus and has already had pulmonary embolism's and he know's how copd has affected my family. I didn't either at that age. But I wanted a cigarette most of the time they were here. They would go out on the porch with my husband and I could hear them talking and laughing-I was craving so I didn't dare go out-and I would feel a little jealous. Anyway I have 50 DOF and I feel that I made it through this so I feel confident that I can make it through about anything! I'm not trying to sound too cocky, I know better than that, but I also know that every time we're tested, we are stronger!


I wouldn't be here without you guys and, believe me, I heard all of you whispering in my ear with your motivation and encouragement!


Feeling appreciative,