A little bit of a struggle today

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Mar 18, 2017

For some reason this morning, I was really wanting a cigarette. I'm at 40 DOF so I know I have awhile to go but I'm still wearing patches. Anyway I'm so able to tell my addiction (the devil) whatever that he is such a punk and so worthless he should just go crawl under a rock somewhere! It's passed and I realize how doable this is. I know I'm not out of the woods and I may really not ever be truly out of the woods.


I think my eye is healing well. And yes those sunglasses really are a fashion statement! The worst part for me is the drops which cause me some irritation that lasts awhile and some itchiness. I wasn't able to get the lens implant that would give me perfect vision but the standard lens has given me good distance vision in that eye. So now I'm far-sighted in my right eye and near-sighted in my left. It makes me feel a little unbalanced but Scott says I should be use to that.


Changing the subject and I know everyone has a right to their own opinion. Every elder here helps people in their own way but I feel I have to say this. Being addicted to many things over the decades, studies have shown (also for decades) that tough love, harshness, arguing or belittling does not help anyone to quit. Just the opposite. It could push people away and back to their addiction. I have learned in AA that love, tolerance, kindness and understanding go so much further. So many addicts are already filled with self-loathing and low self-esteem as it is. Anyway, just wanted to throw this out there. Take it or leave it.


Love all of you,