Step 1 to step 2 with patches

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Mar 4, 2017

Just an update for those using or thinking of using patches. This is day 1 of 14 mg. patch. I have had 1 pretty noticable crave which lasted a bit but nothing like the 1st couple of weeks. I have stayed busy at home and am just determined to get through this and NML. During the craving, I realized that even though my addiction is saying I need a cigarette, my whole being is saying no I really don't. That's how it was the 1st couple of weeks too. Could it be that I just finally have had enough? I really think that's it. And I'm sure help and strength from God as I started praying hard 2 weeks before my quit date and continue to pray everyday, as I do with alcohol and it really seems that the desire has truly been taken away.


I'm not gonna question success though, hope you all are having a good weekent.