Day 25

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Mar 3, 2017

I'm taking a chill day for myself today. The past 3&1/2 weeks have been very busy which has been good. My hard weeks seemed to fly right by. More in hindsight than going through it I will admit. 


I'm wondering if others with COPD sleep a lot. I don't take naps but I can easily sleep 10-11 hours at night. I hate wasting those hours on sleep but maybe it just comes with the territory. Of course other nights, I have horrible insomnia so I guess it balances out.


I saw a quote today I wanted to share:


"Let them tell you that you can't. Hear it. Smile. Nod. Let it marinate inside and light your fire. Be pissed, but don't show it. Then know better and do it. Damn it, do it".

Ashwin T Broadway



Take care all and don't smoke,