days are flying by

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Mar 1, 2017

Today was the easiest day so far. It's either 22 or 23 days-I didn't check-and I have not had a craving nor have I thought about smoking very much. I just stay busy and the time is going fast. Not so much the 1st couple of weeks. Quitting smoking does teach us a lot about patience.


I for got to mention on my last blog that I had my tear procedure done. My eyes had been so dry for so long, everyday I felt that I had be swimming in a pool with too much chlorine in it. I had expected to get a prescription for restasis or whatever but they did this procedure that partially blocks off the drainage ducts. Completely painless and took a total of 2 minutes. My cost, after insurance was $40.00 and my eyes are so comfortable today. I am so glad I went this route rather than an expensive prescription. Next is my cataract removal in 2 weeks of my right eye only. I have a borderline one in my left eye which he will not remove. I'm thinking they want me to keep paying for glasses but the jokes on him because I'm going somewhere else for my glasses. lol.


Anyway, I hope to be on here a lot more now that I don't have so much eye irritation. And FYI smoking contributes to both dry eyes and cataracts. Is there any body part that it doesn't damage? I'm thinking not.


Take care all my smoke-free friends,