3 weeks of freedom

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Feb 28, 2017

It was yesterday but was so busy running around I couldn't get on here. It has got a lot better. The hardest time, for me, is driving and waiting. Yesterday I took a friend for an MRI and a couple other errands and it was pretty rough. My husband had accidently left a partial pack in the console. I saw them when I stuck my phone in there. I should have just thrown them away but, for some reason, I have confidence that, this time, I will not smoke no matter what I am going through. Maybe because of how rough the first couple of weeks were or maybe it's finally sunk in how bad I will feel withing a few days of smoking. This disease or addiction or whatever we want to call it, simply can't lie to me anymore.


The last PET scan I had of my left lung nodule showed it had grown a little. I have been following this for about 2&1/2 years. He isn't too concerned but we will repeat it in April. If it grew more, we will just take the nodule out. They can't biopsy it because of where it is but he is pretty comfortable that it isn't cancerous-yet. Anyway, the point is, my COPD has got so bad, they can't take the lung lobe out because I have played around with smoking too long.


Enough of this. I am really enjoying this Spring we have had in Feb. in NC. Hope it keeps up.


Enjoy your evenings EXer's!!!