Feeling good today

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Feb 23, 2017

17 DOF and 351 cigarettes not smoked. I am a lot calmer with only 1 mild craving so far. Now I hope to reach the point where they are not in my mind so much. I know that will come soon enough. Through the 1st 2 weeks when I was having such a horrible time with cravings and anxiety, I also had this powerful knowledge of I don't do that anymore and NOPE. My health was never enough to make me quit but this new grandbaby is. I want to go to NY which is where they live, as often as possible and spoil this child along with the 2 step grankids. That takes a lot of money and, of course, I can't do that in poor health either.


I'm so glad to be back here among old friends and, hopefully, soon to be new friends.