Thanking you

Blog Post created by cob321 on Mar 22, 2019

Good day wise and courageous warriors of life who have braved the harrowing straights of withdrawal and sought the lands of freedom from addiction.


Thank you for walking that way before me so there would be a road to follow. Thank you for your strength and your bravery. Thank you for your hope and encouragement and inspiration. Thank you for saying kind, supportive and real things in response to my sharing. I appreciate you!


Yesterday was a formidable entanglement with pitiful grief and unrelenting anger and frustration. I made it through - wore myself out and by sometime after midnight finally just passed out. Like a baby crying himself to sleep; I didn't give in to the overwhelm and smoke, and finally it exhausted me and I rested.


I so appreciate your counsel and sharing, and your ability to recall the intensity of the experience but also bring the possibility of making it through. As I mentioned, it's a lonely and challenging time for me right now, and having "friends" even in cyberspace to reflect with and listen to is incredibly helpful. 


Feeling a little bit better today, and yet still present with the undercurrents of the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations of withdrawal and grief. But far better off than yesterday. 


So I just wanted to check in and say I made it through another day, and I am grateful for your feedback and encouragement. Thank you, thank you!


I hope that each of you who may read this is feeling good today - wishing you good health, good thoughts, good connections, good life, good dreams!