Day 21...Still going Strong

Blog Post created by cnatra on Apr 26, 2018

I last posted on Day 1 of my Quit plan. Today is Day 21 and I am still cigarette free. I feel good, I do not cough any more, I do not smell any more....I have also been top a couple of happy hours and still not smoked...those are probably my biggest triggers....But unfortunately I have started eating much more than usual...but one fight at a time...I will start my diet next week on the same day that I have planned to start working on my dream to train for a 5K (and then hopefully go for a full marathon some day).

I used to keep postponing my quit thinking I will quit when this gets done or that gets done, but this time I decided to quit even though I am in middle of my career transition. So if I can get through this period in my life without cigarettes I guess I can get through other tough times too....

Enough of my to the real reason for this post.... Want to thank this community for your support and all the inspirational stories that helped me during my weak moments....You all are a big support!!!