Today is my quit day

Blog Post created by cnatra on Apr 5, 2018

A week back, my 6 year old took a pen put it in his mouth and tried to imitate me while smoking. I got super mad at him and explained why it is such a bad thing to do and he should never do it. That is when my son asks me if it is so bad why do I do it? Got me thinking:  When I know something is so bad for me, why do I continue doing it. I am tired of coughing all the while, I am tired of smelling like a cigarette, I am tired of not being able to run behind my son, I am tired of being out of breath, I am tired of not being able to run a 5K, I am tired of spending the money for cigarettes and paying more for my Life insurance because I am a smoker and I am tired of living with a feeling that if I die of cancer, I would have knowingly abandoned my family.

Today is my quit day. I have quit for 3 years in the past so am aware of struggles that await. But am looking forward to it and am thankful for this community and the encouragement I get while reading all your posts.


Please keep posting inspirational stories and the encouragement, it helps!!!